Reykjavik City Breaks

Hauntingly beautiful, with cool breezes tempered by heat rising up from the land, modern yet still in touch with its Viking past, Reykjavik is a series of surprises, a perfect city break destination.

Insider's Tip

If you are peckish pay a visit to Baejarins Bestu hot dog stand. Wait in the queue, chatter to the locals then order one with everything on it. Delicious!

No need to carry cash around, credit cards are accepted everywhere, even for small purchases and taxi fares.




Reykjavik city map

Must See

must see in reykjavikNorthern Lights One of nature's most incredible sights appear with solar wind particles collide with air molecules in the earth's atmosphere transferring their energy into light. Displays can vary in intensity, from a glowing curtain of greenish light dancing in the distance to a spectacular, multi coloured fushion stretching across the sky.

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Must Do

must do in reykjavikTake a whale watching a puffin cruise on Reykjavik's beautiful bay. Watch out for these magnificent giant mammals and the comic colourful birds.

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Food & Drink

food and drink in reykjavikIceland is justly proud of its local food. Fish is often found as salt cod, the dried then reconstituted chunk of fish is found in many regional dishes. The lamb is delicious and is found in the traditionally hearty meat and vegetable soup that is common at lunchtime. Seabirds are fairly common on the menu, with puffin being the most prevalent.




shopping in reykjavikThe city centre of Reykjavik is full of delightful boutiques, craft shops, fine fashion venues and souvenir stalls.

Langavegur is the prime shopping area of the city. Much of the focus is on clothing with many exotic designs, Icelandic one off creations, and quirky items available.



Suggested Itineraries

shopping in reykjavikIceland changes hugely between the winter and the Summer. The type of activities that are available and therefore the holiday experience that you have completely changes with the seasons. Below are some suggested itineraries of how to make the most of your time whichever season you choose.

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excursions in reykjavikThere are many ways to enjoy this fascinating country and whether you do this on a coach tour, by boat or the thrilling 4x4 Superjeep (max 6 people), you will not be disappointed.

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