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Pulsing with prosperity Munich revels in its own contradictions. Folklore and age-old traditions exist side by side with sleek cars, designer boutiques and high-powered industry. Despite all of its sophistication, Munich retains a touch of provincialism that visitors will find charming.

Insider Tip

Be sure to try a weisswurst (a white sausage) and a pretzel, but make sure you order it before 11am.

Nothing could be more Bavarian that a Bauernschmaus, a platter overflowing with roasted pork and sausages accompanied by finely-cut sauerkraut and semmelknodel, a tasty dumpling.

Other dishes that you will see on the menu are Beinfleisch, tender boiled beef with horseradish, kalbshaxe, roasted veal shanks, and Spanferkel, roast suckling pig. Of course brewing has a long history in Munich, so be sure to sample some of the beers to find your favourite.

Dedicated shoppers can get a high by just walking down the streets in central Munich, where shop windows are tempting works of art. For the city's smartest shopping venue head towards Funf Hofe. Here you will find the five courtyards where architecture and fashion meet.

For something that is a little less predictable, quirkier and funny, take a stroll around the small shops in the Maxvorstadt neighbourhood.

Must See

Pay a visit to the Marienplatz and watch the daily performance of the Glockenspiel, the giant animated clock high in the Neues Rathaus central tower.

Frauenkirche, the symbol of Munich. Two onion-shaped domes on their matching square towers sating back to 1468.

Must Do

Relax with a beer or two and mingle with the locals at the Hofbrauhaus - probably the world's most famous tavern.

Spend the afternoon at the Nymphenburg Palace and wander in the beautiful gardens and park.

Mingle with the locals at the Viktualienmarkt, the city's oldest food market that is still its most popular gathering place.