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Charismatic Prague is a living museum and one of Europe’s most attractive cities, the perfect city break get away. Stroll the medieval cobbled streets, relax in the ancient squares and admire the many architectural treasures of this ‘city of a hundred spires’.

Insider Tip

When visiting Prague Castle, take tram 22 or 23 up the steep hill and leave the steps for the way down.

Eating out is a relatively cheap and easy affair with an endless array of candelit restaurants and lively bars. Local dishes are predominantly meat-based, accompanied by dumplings, potatoes or sauerkraut, and are dressed in rich sauces. Other specialities include Prague ham served with whipped cream and horseradish, and renowned Czech game dishes. Make sure you sample Czech beer too, it's excellent.

Wenceslas Square is a bustling thoroughfare with an affluence of modern stores that are both fashionable and chic. If you wander along the historic streets from the Powder Tower to the castle you'll find all manner of interesting wares. There are countless shops selling Bohemian crystal and glassware, and Czech garnet and amber jewellery are also some of the best buys in Prague.

Charles Bridge Following the procession route of Bohemian Kings, this focal point of Prague is vibrant day or night, bustling with entertainers, locals and tourists. Lined with statues, it is said that if you rub one in particular you will return to Prague.

Prague Castle Possible the largest ancient castle complex in the world, it is dominated by the huge Gothic facade of St Vitus Cathedral, famous for its stained glass. Containing churches, monasteries, museums and art galleries, it is Prague's cultural centre, and the impressive Castle Gardens are not to be missed.

Hide text Old Town Square Studded with Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque architecture, it is surrounded by a maze of narrow streets filled with jewellery shops and cafés.

Wenceslas Square The Czech Champs-Elysées, Prague's busiest shopping plaza is also dominated at the top end by the National Museum.

National Museum A bastion of Czech history and prehistory all under one roof.

The Old Town Hall Attracting all the attention, the famous Astronomical Clock comes alive every hour when figures of Christ and the 12 apostles emerge and the Skeleton of Death tolls a bell.

Jewish Quarter Although containing some of Pragues most impressive art nouveau buildings and designer shops, this is also a spot for quiet reflection amongst the five synagogues and the Jewish cemetery's jumble of gravestones.